The Marriage Debt by Vanessa Waltz (ePUB)


The Marriage Debt by Vanessa Waltz (ePUB)
I fell in love with a man who broke my heart, and ran to another man who broke my spirit.

Ethan Blackwood.
Cold. Heartless. Rich. A man with an inexhaustible bank account and zero conscience. He’s my fiancé and my nightmare.

I’m stuck with him.

Until my lover from five years ago, Graham Hawthorne, returns with a shocking claim: We’re married.

Graham stole my attention with a half-cocked smirk and his stunning looks. He’s every bit the gorgeous Viking, minus the sweetness. He wants me back. For good.

But Ethan refuses to let me go. Instead he’s declaring war, the winner taking all.
I’m supposed to choose. My lover or my captor? Heaven or Hell?

I thought I could handle their bitter battle over me…until I discovered their decades-long secret.

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