Main Squeeze by Weston Parker (ePUB)


Main Squeeze by Weston Parker (ePUB)
Leave the family fortune for love? Heh. Not a chance.
Besides, romance is a luxury a man like me can’t afford.
I come from wealth and lots of it.
And wealth comes with responsibility. Not freedom. People like to get that shit mixed up.
But I gotta get away for a while. A small coastal town in the Northeast is perfect, until it isn’t.
The pretty single mom I meet there is everything I want in my life, but she’s not going to be accepted by my family.
And she’s damaged goods. Her words. Not mine.
The bastard that knocked her up years ago left without a word, and this beautiful girl is scarred.
But I’m not him. Worse in some ways and better in others, I have no choice but to try.
Even though it will cost me everything I thought was important.
I’m over casual flings.
Time to become this lady’s main squeeze.

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