Love Scars by Max Hudson (ePUB)


Love Scars by Max Hudson (ePUB)
Is there more to a person than just their past? Honesty is the best policy, but can revealing secrets truly strengthen a relationship or only tear it apart?

Max Descheny hates taking public transportation. He doesn’t like that so many people want to talk to him, or their propensity to get close to him. However, one late-night bus ride leads to a chance encounter with a guy named Shaun and he can’t help but see the appeal.

Shaun Moire is everything that Max could ever want in a man. Max has no idea why he’s the one Shaun wants to date, but it’s been a long time since Max has been able to get comfortable in a relationship.

That comfort is short lived. Max has a secret that he’s desperate to share with Shaun but can never find the right words. With heartache blossoming between them, and the secret threatening to destroy everything Max loves about his relationship, he must do his best to fix his mistakes before they ruin his chance at happiness.

Can Max overcome his own inner turmoil to keep everything he loves? Or will Max’s secret push Shaun away forever?

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