Love on the Rise (Against All Odds #2) by Gemini Jensen (ePUB)


Love on the Rise (Against All Odds #2) by Gemini Jensen (ePUB)

Difficult circumstances have rooted me to our small southern town and held me here. I’ve been the glue in my family, the one holding us together. Loyalty to those I love is a given and some things are inescapable.

Valley blew into my life like the most beautiful storm. She obliterated my defenses, seeping into my soul and changing me forever. Then, in the blink of an eye, she was gone.

Sometimes we face a choice that will forever alter the course of our lives…

And the choice I’ve made will not only have me rubbing elbows with the worst of the worst—I’ll need to become one of them.


Moving on is tough. Especially when the man you’re trying to forget shows up out of the blue dressed in a sharp suit instead of his signature blue jeans and work boots; driving a flashy new car instead of a raised-up Jeep… What happened to the simple southern man I left behind? This new Gray seems dangerously modified. Now I’m more confused than ever.

My life has always been an intricate web of lies and unresolved questions. A life on the run makes relationships impossible, and I’ve been running from the monster lurking in the shadows for most of mine.

And the thing about lies and monsters?
They eventually catch up to you.

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