Home Romance Love Me Or Let Me Go by Kelly Lucille (ePUB)

Love Me Or Let Me Go by Kelly Lucille (ePUB)


Love Me Or Let Me Go by Kelly Lucille (ePUB)
Being an empath and a human lie detector should have protected Miranda from falling for the wrong man. But loving someone and knowing them are not always the same thing. That is especially true when the man she loves has his own gifts, and too many secrets.
Six years ago Miranda said good-bye and swore she was moving on. The problem was, McAlister Weer is not a man you get over so easy. And, when a man is capable of invading her deams, and does on a regular basis, gone is a relative term.
Now she has stumbled into a danger she could not have seen coming, and the one man she swore to stay away from is back, determined to save her, and this time, to keep her.
If he can keep them both alive long enough.

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