Love At Last (West Bay Chargers #4) by Esme Beal (ePUB)


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Cade is a member of the Chargers, the biker gang looking to maintain peace in the West Bay. Brock is a member of the Demons, a notorious crew causing the most drama in the West Bay. When a chance encounter brings the two of them together, their affiliations are put to the side because of an undeniable attraction.

But a Demon and Charger could never be together. Now they’re stuck between their allegiances and their own desires. Everything is on the line as Cade and Brock figure out a way to be together without their crews going at one another…

Will Brock be able to stay by Cade’s side? Has Cade finally found a man who can make him happy? Or will the two of them be unable to find the love they’ve always wanted but never experienced until now?

LOVE AT LAST is an intense romantic novel featuring two male protagonists. It contains romantic drama, sweet love, steamy scenes, some mystery, and plenty of heart-pumping action, too! Mature readers only.

No cliffhangers. No cheating ever. Happy ending? Check inside to see!

LOVE AT LAST takes place in the Snow Falls Omegaverse but can be read as a standalone. If you’ve read other Snow Falls titles, you might find some familiar characters from other books in the series! Check out the other Snow Falls titles to get your fix!

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