Legally Seduced by Taylor Brent (ePUB)


Legally Seduced by Taylor Brent (ePUB)
She’s ruthless in the boardroom, but I’ll show her who’s really in charge when I get her in the bedroom.

Smart. Sexy. Maddeningly stubborn.
Scarlett might look like a prim and proper lawyer, but I can see the sultry seductress underneath.
I have to have her.
It’s a bad idea. We’re on opposite sides in a legal dispute and taking her to bed will only complicate things.
Too bad that I don’t care.
I’m going to put that sharp tongue of hers to good use.
As a successful business man with billions in the bank, I’m used to getting what I want.
Women usually fall at my feet, and New York city has plenty to choose from.
But I may have met my match this time.

Can I tame this temptress? Or will she deny me in the name of professionalism?

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