Home Romance Killer Queen (Crazy Little Thing #2) by Serene Franklin (ePUB)

Killer Queen (Crazy Little Thing #2) by Serene Franklin (ePUB)


Killer Queen (Crazy Little Thing #2) by Serene Franklin (ePUB)

I’m the kind of guy you can always count on. When my best friend and former roommate—who up and ditched me in favor of his fiancé—needs a favor, I don’t hesitate to help any way I can. This most recent favor landed me with a moody Irish university student for a roommate. With his long copper-red hair and blue eyes, he’s too damn cute for his own good—which is saying a lot considering I’m straight.

Thing is, he kinda hates me. Crazy, right? I shouldn’t care as much as I do, and I definitely shouldn’t let it bother me. Alas, here I am, caring and letting it bother me. I want him to like me, although I’m not quite sure why.


Insufferable. My new flatmate is insufferable. Between his loud, cheesy music, stupid assumptions, and flippant attitude, he annoys me. He also has this ridiculous aversion to wearing clothes around the flat, which wouldn’t be so bad if he weren’t so bloody attractive. It’s hard to remember to hate him when his perfect arse is within view.

Going after straight guys is nothing but trouble, and I’m smart enough to avoid that. Besides, I’d rather not mess up another living arrangement, and s*x always makes things complicated—not that I’m thinking about s*x.

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