Keeping Kiera (Club Ménage #3) by Tara Crescent (ePUB)


Keeping Kiera (Club Ménage #3) by Tara Crescent (ePUB)
I’ve been in hiding… Now, my secrets are about to be exposed.

Eight years ago, I got caught up in something bad. Really bad. A shipment of drugs disappeared, my sister Bianca and her deadbeat boyfriend Alex were killed, and I had to run for my life.

Those events have shaped my world. I don’t trust anymore. I don’t date. I don’t do anything to draw attention to myself.

Then Nolan Wolanski and Caleb Reeves explode into my life and shatter my hard-won peace of mind.

Because the secrets they’re hoping to uncover… Are mine.

And the truth they reveal will destroy my world.

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