All Justice (Croft Family Mob Justice Book 7) by Morgan Kelley (ePUB)


All Justice (Croft Family Mob Justice Book 7) by Morgan Kelley (ePUB)
Warning: contains graphic violence, s*x scenes, and language. This Mob family isn’t for the weak at heart. Read at your own risk.

Book 7 in the Croft Family Mob Justice series

It is good to be king.
How does he know?
He is the top of the food chain in Las Vegas.
Now that Greyson Croft is back, his family is safe, and he is dealing with nothing but personal issues. Croft is ready to relax, enjoy all that Vegas has to offer, and deal with the family’s priority.
They want to keep helping people, but the next case has thrown them for a loop. When a superfluity of nuns strolls into Aquarius, what begins as one thing ends in something totally different.
It ends in pain.
It ends in suffering.
It ends in death for the family.
What began as a good week, a decent week, has run off the rails—and no one even saw it coming.
Because Fate sent nuns, and along with them…Fate turned their world upside down.
Even giving everyone they help All Justice…
The family is being punished.

God bless their damned souls…

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