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The John Maclay MEGAPACK® by John Maclay (ePUB)


The John Maclay MEGAPACK® by John Maclay
From the publisher’s introduction: “I first became aware of John Maclay not as a writer, but as a publisher — of the now-classic “Masques” horror anthology series, edited by the late, great J.N. Williamson, and a number of other books. When the original Masques appeared, I remember looking at the spine and noting that it was published a company called Maclay that I had never heard of before. But that name stuck, and soon I began noting John Maclay’s stories in various anthologies and magazines. He — like many of the dark fantasists who emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s — had a distinctive voice, very different from the fantasists who came before. He still writes that way, fusing horror, fantasy, and suspense (often with an erotic element).

“Over the years, John has steadily built up an impressing body of work, and I am delighted that he accepted my invitation to contribute a volume to the MEGAPACK® series. So here are 15 modern classics of dark fiction. Enjoy!”

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