Itzel’s Assassin (Panthers of Brigantia Book 1) by Lisa Daniels (ePUB)


Itzel's Assassin (Panthers of Brigantia Book 1) by Lisa Daniels (ePUB)
Regret can follow you beyond the grave.

Itzel is best known for her disastrous love-life, so it is understandable that the druids have kept her close for the last few hundred years. However, when they seem willing to ignore the invitation to have an open discussion with the mystics, Itzel insists on going.

From his appearance to his personality, Darius is unlike the other assassins. Often described as cold, stubborn, and emotionless, few intentionally interact with him. Despite that, he has been their constant protector for hundreds of years – until he insists on joining Itzel when she goes to Solona.

The pair have always showed a level of understanding and respect for each other that they typically have not shown others. Can they still view each other favorably when faced with an impossible situation? Or will their worst impulses only make things worse?

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