Inevitably Yours by Jo-Anne Joseph (ePUB)


Inevitably Yours by Jo-Anne Joseph (ePUB)

I stopped believing in fairytales after everything I loved was taken from me.
I’m an optimist in a raincoat now.
Love, relationships, family, they’re all a farce.
Love left me broken, a shell of the woman I once was.
And when my ex-husband takes away my last ray of sunshine, I know it’s time to close myself off from the world, that is until Jude Finn.


To hell with 80/20 relationships. Why risk it, when I can avoid it?
I rebuilt my life in another country, focusing on my job as a physiotherapist.
But then I met Tara Craig, the stubbornest, and most frustrating woman alive.
She tests my limits, and as much as I want to keep a distance, I can’t,
because she reminds of a girl that marked my soul a long time ago.

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