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Hunting Faith (The Hunting Series Book 1) by Tracy Lauren (ePUB)


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A human on the run, making her way through the expanse of space–Faith’s only goal is survival. She’s willing to do whatever’s necessary to stay alive, even if that means stealing the ship of the only alien who’s shown her kindness since her abduction.

Rylan Graz Bregen’s life changes when he looks into those deep green eyes–he’s love struck. But when the woman of his dreams vanishes in the night… and takes his ship with her, he thinks he’s been played for a fool.

The pair never imagined they’d see each other again, but when Rylan gets a life changing opportunity he finds that fate has other plans. On a wild planet, fighting against all odds. Will Rylan find what he’s been looking for when he’s HUNTING FAITH?

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