A Holiday Magic Mixup by Quinn Michaels (ePUB)


A Holiday Magic Mixup by Quinn Michaels (ePUB)
When a lonely omega witch casts a holiday spell to fetch the alpha of his dreams and gets a jaded paranormal investigator instead, can love heal two damaged hearts?
A lonely omega witch casts a forbidden spell.

After his adoptive grandmother dies, initiate witch, Mark has only a dead end job and no romantic prospects. Worse, despite being raised by the coven leader, Mark can’t even manifest a familiar, the minimum requirement to become a full witch. Mark recognizes he’s a magical dunce, but if he could find love, maybe saying goodbye to his dreams of being a real witch won’t be so bad. So he takes a desperate step, casts a forbidden love spell, and everything falls apart.

A jaded paranormal investigator has one chance to save his career.

Jaded alpha and paranormal investigator J.C. Hart doesn’t believe in magic or crystals or anything but himself. He’s on a mission to debunk the supernatural, but with his ratings falling, he has to produce a blockbuster holiday special that shows his softer side. Will a trip to the magical town of Vale Valley, and a handsome omega witch, restore J.C.’s faith in the fantastic …and love, before the town’s source of magic is destroyed?

Find out in A Holiday Magical Mixup, Book 7 in a multi-author series about Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone in need of love and a home. Each book can be read as a standalone.

This book contains witchcraft, sleight of hand, pseudoscience, humor, Mpreg, holiday feels, a hint of danger and most of all a very happy ending. Pull up a chair, grab your hot cocoa, and settle in for holiday romance.

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