Hitched To The CEO (Part One) by Paige North (ePUB)


Hitched To The CEO (Part One) by Paige North (ePUB)
“Marry me or suffer the consequences.”

I despise my boss, Holden Alexander.

He thinks he owns me and he wants to control me.

Of course, everyone tells me I should just quit if I hate him so much. But it’s not that simple.

Despite him being impossible to work for most of the time, his rock-hard six-foot-three-inches of pure manhood and piercing green eyes make my knees weak even on the worst of days.

Okay, so I want him. As much as I can’t stand his arrogance and entitlement, I’ve always been enamored with Holden Alexander.

But he has no use for me, other than using me to accomplish every mundane and ridiculous task he sets before me each and every day.

Until something changes and my entire world is turned upside down.

Suddenly, Holden needs me. If he’s going to take control of his uncle’s multi-billion-dollar company, he will need to be married. And there’s apparently only one person he trusts enough to get fake married to.

Before long, my ruthless boss is making me an offer I can’t refuse. To share his home, his life, money and power…and most of all, to share his bed.

The only catch? I’m not allowed to have real feelings. This is a fake marriage, only good for as long as it takes to fool his uncle and gain control of the business. After that, we both go our separate ways.

But what if I don’t want it to end? What if I’m actually falling for the biggest jerk I’ve ever met?

The worst part is, I could almost believe he cares about me too. Except I know he doesn’t really love me. Holden Alexander only loves himself, and his money and the power he wields over me. And in the end, he will destroy me just like he destroys everything else he touches.

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