Hit-Man Protector Daddy (Alpha Dragon Club) by Abigail Raines (ePUB)


Hit-Man Protector Daddy (Alpha Dragon Club) by Abigail Raines (ePUB)
Jessie has never had it easy. Left an orphaned dragon shifter on the streets as a kid, when he was picked up by Darryl, a powerful mobster and dragon shifter in New York, Jessie was only grateful.

But doing Darryl’s dirty work has done a number on Jessie’s mind and heart.

Jessie’s ready to get out of this violent lifestyle for good when Darryl convinces him to take just one last job while on vacation to the woods.

It’s just what Jessie needs. He’ll relax in the forest for a while and take care of this last little job for Darryl…

But he didn’t count on meeting Laura.

Laura is sweet, funny, kind, and a loving mother to Beth, her baby daughter.

But when Jessie discovers that his one last little job is killing Laura in cold blood…his relaxing vacation turns into a nightmare.

Does Jessie have what it takes to protect his new love from the man who made him or is he just the monster he never meant to become?

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