Home Romance For Heroes Proved (Lincoln’s Lost Gold Book 1) by Lucy McConnell (ePUB)

For Heroes Proved (Lincoln’s Lost Gold Book 1) by Lucy McConnell (ePUB)


For Heroes Proved (Lincoln's Lost Gold Book 1) by Lucy McConnell (ePUB)
Treasure hunting loaded with danger and charged with love.

Lincoln’s Lost Gold Series
Six unlikely friends comes together to search for Lincoln’s lost gold mine. Follow their adventures as they face off with other treasure hunters, secret brotherhoods, and unfamiliar dangers while navigated the trouble waters of falling in love.

For Heroes Proved
After a mutiny on his treasure hunt that leaves one man dead, Bridger Obrien limps to Washington D.C., seeking to salvage his career. He throws everything he’s got into uncovering the mystery behind Lincoln’s lost gold mine. The one thing standing in his way, is the determined and fiercely beautiful daughter of his historical expert.

Knowing her weakness for bad boys, Cora Henderson steers clear of Bridger and his devil-may-care grin. Bridger is nothing but a bad influence on her father. Digging through Lincoln’s papers is a fool’s errand and could cost her father his reputation and his job. But when her dad is laid up with a heart attack, Bridger holds her through the darkest of nights. He’s a rebel, that’s for sure, but he’s also the only man who has ever kissed her until her safety nets fell away.

As his love for Cora grows, Bridger rethinks his pirate lifestyle. He’d give up anything for the woman who and is softness and curves against his rough edges. But when the clue they’ve been searching for rises from the archives, the sharks begin to circle. If he doesn’t move forward, he’ll lose the find of a lifetime.

Bridger must decide if one more adventure is worth risking the love of his life.

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