Heartless by Jennifer Sucevic (ePUB)


Heartless by Jennifer Sucevic (ePUB)
From USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Sucevic comes a new, sexy standalone novel.
Do you believe in fairytales?
Well, that’s too damn bad because this story is the furthest thing from one.
Once upon a time, I thought I was in love. Her name was Skye Sinclair and I had our entire future mapped out. It went a little something like this-we’d spend the summer after graduation together, attend Claremont University in the fall, I’d enter the NFL draft, and a few years after that, we’d get hitched.
Know what happened instead?
She dumped my a$$ after graduation and took off for Wisconsin.
I never thought I’d see Skye again. Actually, I’d hoped to hell I wouldn’t see her again.
Want to guess who has the audacity to slink back into town after a three year hiatus?
You guessed it. Skye effing Sinclair. She’s hoping we can coexist peacefully, but that’s not about to happen. It only takes one look for me to realize that I haven’t moved on. I still want her.
Know what else I want?
To bring that girl to her knees.
Skye can pretend all she wants that she’s over me, but her body will betray her every chance it gets. I’m going to make damn sure my touch is the only one she craves. And when I’m done with her, I’ll be the one who walks away.

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