Hate Me Like You Do by A.K. Koonce, Rebecca Grey (ePUB)


Hate Me Like You Do by A.K. Koonce, Rebecca Grey (ePUB)
I’ve got it bad.

I’m attracted to not one but all three of my new roommates.

I thought senior year would be perfect with them in my new home and new school. It would be if I didn’t have to listen to the endless train of women they bring home every night.

I’m stuck watching them have the time of their lives while I continue to be the good girl. That’s me, Always Dependable Dee.

And I’m sick of it.

I should fight fire with fire, right?


One little mistake and my life is total hell. The rules of the house and the school are flipped upside down. My once best friends are now my worst enemies.

And I’m stuck living with them.

Hate Me Like You Do is a new adult stand alone novel recommended for readers 18 and over. It’s a tangled tale of friends to bullies to lovers to enemies romance. Basically, there’s love, there’s hate, and so damn much angst.

A Reverse Harem Bully Novel.

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