Hart (Steel Cobras Book 5) by Evie Monroe (ePUB)


Hart (Steel Cobras Book 5) by Evie Monroe (ePUB)
It was animal attraction, pure and simple.
A night of hot monkey s-x.
Trust me, I’m a vet. I know what happens in the wild.
He’s such a bad boy,
And I’m not into his type.
Unless they look like him.
Or taste like him or feel like him.
Note to self: it was a one time deal.
Now, my brother is set to join a biker gang,
So I swallow my pride to ask him to help.
He’s just the man to talk him out of it,
And I find his momma named him right.
Hart is all heart under that delicious biker veneer.

Charlotte has been taking care of things her whole damn life.
Her animals. Her little brother. Everyone.
Until one night, she lets me take care of her.
(And I took care of her really well.)
She says I’m not her type.
But she needs my help,
I’ll do anything for her.
From monkey business to mating for life.
It’s high time someone takes care of her.
And our precious baby.

Love filthy talking bikers who can drop your panties with just a look? You got it, babe!
Hart is a full-length standalone MC romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA!

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