Gold Digger (Bridge to Abingdon #6) by Tatum West (ePUB)


Gold Digger (Bridge to Abingdon #6) by Tatum West (ePUB)
I was a billionaire by the age of thirty—I’ve always taken what I wanted, and I never let anyone stand in my way. That attitude got me my own private island and a bevy of people to do my bidding. But it didn’t get me the one man that got away—Liam Gold.

Liam is back in Abingdon now, and he’s just as beautiful as the day he left. He’s also covered in tattoos, living in a van, and completely unemployed. Definitely not an appropriate match.

But when have I ever been appropriate?

People seem to think that just because I’m homeless, I shouldn’t be living with a mega-hot billionaire. Kinda seems like they’re jealous, don’t you think?

They say I’m a swindler. A con artist. A gold digger. Hungry for Grayson Ellis, and even hungrier for his money. So what if I am?

I never got a real chance to be with Grayson. We were too young and too scared to make it work. Now that I’m back, and Grayson has offered to give me a hand, I’ll accept whatever he has to give.

Let the people say what they want. I am running a long con, but it’s not what they think. If I can get that man to fall in love with me, I’ll move heaven and earth to make him happy.

Everyone deserves a second chance. Even a stone cold loser like me.

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