Glass Ceilings (Fairly Twisted Tales Book 1) by Lux Miller (ePUB)


Glass Ceilings (Fairly Twisted Tales Book 1) by Lux Miller (ePUB)
Being New York royalty has its perks. It also has its major pitfalls. One of those is that my wealthy father wants me to marry someone just like him. He sees himself as successful and well-respected, but I see him as a womanizer without the ability to love. We don’t agree on my future, so he throws a Halloween party and tells me I can choose any suitor from the party. I reluctantly go, but what neither of us expected, was Mr. Mysterious. He shows up out of nowhere, steals my heart, and leaves me with a choice. One path leads to happily ever after and the other leads to the scandal of the century. I make my choice, but what happens when the two paths converge again?

To say that my stepfather is evil would be an understatement. When he prohibits me from something, it just makes me want it more, consequences be damned. So when Trevor tells me I can’t go to the upscale, elite Halloween party being thrown by one of the New York Elite, I know I have to go. What I don’t expect is for my revenge plan to go off the rails when I meet the one girl with the power to make me bend my knee. But I have a dark secret that would shatter the fragile trust that Ashley and I have built, and a stepfather who’s hellbent on destroying me.

Glass Ceilings is intended for mature audiences and contains situations that may be inappropriate for readers under 18. The story is steamy and scandalous, but has a guaranteed happily ever after. If you like your fairy tales twisted, this is the book for you!

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