Get Her Back by Maxine Storm (ePUB)


Get Her Back by Maxine Storm (ePUB)
This is my second chance – and I’m fu#king taking it.

Money. Power. Women.
I thought I had it all.
But when Michelle walked into my Los Angeles hotel, I knew I didn’t have a damn thing.
In high school, I would have followed Michelle off a cliff, if I could at least kiss her on the way down.
Too bad I was too busy being a jerk to give her the life she wanted.
And now she’s afraid of being burned again.
But no matter what she says, the heat between us is hotter than the California sun.
And her delicious curves make me want grab her and taste those sweet lips again.
I always get what I want.
I always get what I need.
And now I need to get her back.
Get Her Back is a full length stand-alone steamy romance with a happily ever after ending and no cliffhangers

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