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Gay on a Train by K.C. Wells (ePUB, MOBI)


Gay on a Train by K.C. Wells (ePUB, MOBI)
I’m straight. So when a gay guy on the train asked me out on a date, why the hell did I say yes? And why am I excited about seeing him again?

Okay, let’s start again…
I thought I was straight for all of my twenty-six years. I dated women. I slept with women. And yeah, occasionally I’d wondered what it would be like to experiment with a guy. We’ve all done it, right? A couple of times at least? Only, I never did more than wonder.
But after one conversation with him…
I still don’t know why I said yes. It wasn’t as if he was flirting with me – well, not much. All we did was talk. And then he asked me out.
Okay, so it would be a new experience. I can roll with that. But what if he wants to sleep with me? How about that?
I’m nervous. I’m confused. And as for the whole ‘I’m straight’ thing?
Yeah. I’m rethinking that. Big time.
And I can’t wait for Saturday till I see him again.

* low angst

* out-for-you

* bisexual

* British lol

* sweet

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