Game Wardens: Jayme & Tripp by Andria Large (ePUB)


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Texas Game Warden, Jayme Flanagan never expected his ex-wife to turn into an evil, conniving bitch. He also never expected to fall in love with a man, but that’s exactly what happened after he got introduced to rookie, Tripp Littrell. As Jayme’s ex-wife put him through the wringer, Tripp was there to keep him sane.

Tripp was pleasantly surprised when he got partnered with someone as sexy as Jayme. Jayme had never been with a man before, that is, until Tripp showed him what it was like. Tripp was fine with their casual messing around, until Jayme got shot; then he could no longer deny that he had fallen in love with the other man. Would Jayme admit that he loved him too? Or would they have to end what seemed like the perfect relationship?

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