Freyr: God of Faeries: Prequel to “The Fate of the World Tree” Series by Mirajane (ePUB)


Freyr: God of Faeries: Prequel to
Avery Fletcher never did anything that was unexpected. That is, until she met Caleb Marshall.

Avery was in her last year of college at the University of Southern California when the latest video game, Freyr: God of Fairies launched. Her twin brother Finn also attended school there, but he was far more interested in women and games than he was in his studies. She had gotten into gaming in an effort to spend more time with him, but nothing could have prepared her for Alfheim.

In the game, everything was new. She could be anything she wanted, and she had never had that kind of freedom. But there was something different about this game. Secrets lay in the beautiful world of Alfheim. Monsters lurked in the shadows. But the real monsters lurked deep within.

Could she keep track of who she was in this strange land?

Everything she thought she knew was about to change. And it all started with a man in a black cloak.

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