How To Flirt (Bernard Frankenheimer Center Book 2) by Troy Hunter (ePUB)


How To Flirt (Bernard Frankenheimer Center Book 2) by Troy Hunter (ePUB)
There’s no love like your first love, it can change you forever. It often hurts but it never truly fades away.
Dale Weitz, a shy, yet gifted programmer at the Bernard Frankenheimer Center, has put the painful past behind him and moved on…or so he thought.

Dale returns to his home town with his revolutionary Automated Response to Flirtation device, and, when opportunity knocks, he jumps at the chance to take revenge on the man who broke his heart all those years ago. It’ll be easy to manipulate his first love into falling for him this time around. With the device to help him and his best friend on his side, what could possibly go wrong?

Wildlife photographer and lone wolf-shifter, Cliff Taylor, is unlucky in love…until the charming newcomer, Dale, arrives in town. For the first time, Cliff may have found a man who can accept him for who, and what, he is. After all Dales says all the right things… With everything that’s at stake, can he take that chance?

Both men are keeping dangerous secrets from the other, secrets that could tear them apart. But Cliff may have found his mate in Dale, if only they can learn to trust each other.

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