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The Fireman I Loved to Hate (Everything For Love Series Book 2) by Jenna Gunn


The Fireman I Loved to Hate (Everything For Love Series Book 2) by Jenna Gunn
When I saw who was driving that firetruck I almost speed dialed 911 to cancel the cat rescue call I’d made.

He’s infuriating. He’s rude. He’s a cat hater! Why does it have to be him rushing to my rescue again?!?

Men like him are the reason I don’t date, but instead fulfill my fantasies by writing romance novels. I get to dream up hot heroes, chivalrous and adoring ones, not obnoxious like this six-foot-five alpha jerk.

But apparently the universe has it out for me. Not only does Alex have to come to my rescue again, but somehow in a moment of insanity, we end up in a tangle of lust driven madness.

But that was it! Never again.

I swear. No matter how good it was! One BIG mistake was enough for me.

But that sexy devil keeps crashing into my life and just refuses to stop being the hero of my dreams.

The Fireman I Loved to Hate is a Happily Ever After, Standalone Romantic Comedy love story, and is book 2, in the new Everything Series by Jenna Gunn. Fiction Romance Writer Raina Groves recently moved to the Small Town coastal South Carolina and soon finds herself having run in after un in with the handsome Fireman Alex Whitmore . These two go on a topsy turvy, hilarious and surprising, ride with fire and desire before they figure it all out. Raina thinks that only her book characters have all the qualities she wants until Alex proves her wrong. No cliff-hangers and no cheating in this fun contemporary romance.

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