The Fiancé (It’s Just Us Here #6) by Christopher X. Sullivan (ePUB)


The Fiancé (It's Just Us Here #6) by Christopher X. Sullivan (ePUB)
Chris and Mark have been apart for eight months.

Will they get a second chance? They both want it.

And will they do it the right way this time? Chris needs to be open with his family, and that means coming out. Mark needs to be the solid foundation in the pairing, because otherwise Chris is just going to run, run, run.

[The Fiancé is Book Six in a ten book series. The series is broken into three major ‘arcs’. This second-chance romance is the middle of the “Lovers and Second Chances” arc.

It’s Just Us Here: The Fiancé is a 105,000 word journey of two men deciding if they want to give themselves a second chance. And if they do, then there’s no more playing around. Chris won’t settle for anything less than forever. Is Mark that kind of guy?]

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