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Felix (Club Crimson Book 4) by Terry Bolryder (ePUB)


Felix (Club Crimson Book 4) by Terry Bolryder (ePUB)
Felix doesn’t mind that most people don’t look beyond his beautiful, charming exterior. He doesn’t care if people know him as the frivolous ’Fifi’ or as the deadly assassin ‘Darkness’. There was only one woman he wanted to share all of himself with, and losing her made him lock down his heart. But when she shows up again, like a ghost, all he wants is to grab hold of her and never let her go.

Diana has only one need: vengeance. The only man she loved is responsible for her downfall, and she’s not stopping until she makes him pay. But from the second she finds him, things get complicated. She should be stabbing him, but all she wants to do is press up against his incredible body and let him kiss all her problems away. Just one more time. Then another. Until the past fades away in his arms.

As Felix reunites with Diana, the connection between them is more powerful than ever before, showing in every kiss, every touch, every heated whisper in the dark. But even if they can let the past go and be together, someone more dark and sinister than they can imagine is watching, ready to tear them apart.

Felix is the 4th book in the Club Crimson series, and brings everything to an end. It’s a second chance romance with two people who have only loved each other, and is filled with passion, adventu

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