Falling for His Scars (Soldiers Support Group #3) by Jamie June (ePUB)


Falling for His Scars (Soldiers Support Group #3) by Jamie June (ePUB)
I’m not sure about anything anymore. Except him.

I tried so hard to join the military, but they didn’t want me. Asthma. So I settled for being a military contractor instead.

I’ve done well at it, too. But this last deployment… it was hard. Really hard. And I’m not sure I want to go through something like that again.

I’ve got a friend – James. Younger man. Hot as hell, too. But I’m not sure about him, either. I keep finding myself wanting more – but does he? And even if he does, we’re in two different places. Young buck like him, he’s only started his career in the Army, while I’m ready to figure out what it means to have a home.

Can we really make this work? Or will his overbearing parents and active duty career be the pressure points that tear us apart?

Falling For His Scars is the third novel in the Soldier’s Support Group series, although it can be read as a standalone book. The Army might give these guys some tough choices, but each book in the series delivers a guaranteed happily ever after!

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