My Fake Forbidden Boyfriend by Lindsey Hart (ePUB, MOBI)


My Fake Forbidden Boyfriend by Lindsey Hart (ePUB, MOBI)
Revenge is a dish best served cold or smoking hot if it’s in the form of Adrian Builder, America’s No.1 top model!

I can already see it… the headlines for tomorrow’s tabloids.
Female CEO of world-famous clothing line gets dumped for a model at her own label.
Damn it.
If only there was a way to exact revenge on my slimeball of an ex,
And also save my reputation at the same time.

Oh, wait…maybe there is.
What if I can change the headlines?
Female CEO of world-famous clothing line dumps her ex for America’s Most Sexy Heartbreaker.
There is only one problem though.
How do I get America’s Most Sexy Heartbreaker to fake it with me?
Especially when he is on a huge spree turning down all deals from my company.
The Jerk.

But maybe the nth time is the charm… yeah, right.
Honestly, I fully expected him to refuse this time as well…
Until he actually signed on the dotted lines.
Seems like he is interested in our contract… if there is me thrown into the equation.
Not that anything will happen with the smartass.
It’s all pretend.
And access to my heart is Forbidden.
No way am I letting another man in, especially one who could make panties burst with just a glimpse of his nuclear smile.

But when faking it gets a little too real…
Can I stop myself from falling for the big bad wolf of the fashion industry?

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