Fairy Godmother Gone Bad by Sadie Carter (ePUB)


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She should be good. But being bad was way more fun.

Esme did one bad thing and suddenly she finds herself banished from fairy land, her powers stripped, sentenced to thirty years on the most boring realm in fairyland. All right, so maybe calling Cinderella a stuck-up cow and taking the king’s Porsche on a joy ride wasn’t her finest moment, but surely that didn’t deserve banishment, right?

But the fairy council didn’t see it that way. She’s been banished. With no freedom in sight.

Until the fairy council needs help. They need someone clever, someone with excellent glamour…someone expendable if it all goes bad.

They need Esme.

Only they’re not stupid enough to send her in on her own. They send her in with the man she blames for everything.


Oh well, you know what they say about partners. If you can’t work with them, you find some way of making their deaths look like a tragic, tragic accident.

Hmm, suddenly this job doesn’t seem so bad.

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