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My Ex’s Wedding by Annabelle Costa (ePUB, MOBI)


My Ex's Wedding by Annabelle Costa
“You’re going to pay me two-thousand dollars to go to a wedding??”


I was engaged to the girl of my dreams.

Then a tragic accident took away my whole life.

Now she’s going to marry another man. Not just any man–the biggest asshole I ever met. But he can give her the life I can’t. Time to accept it and move on.

Except why did I agree to go to the wedding? And worse, why did I tell her I was bringing a date??


I am so freaking broke.

My gigs as a comedian don’t pay the bills. Not yet, anyway. So when I get canned from my waitressing job, I’m in big trouble.

But then a stranger in a business suit offers me a wad of cash. The job? Pretend to be his brother’s girlfriend for a wedding in Vegas.

Except it turns out my fake boyfriend and I have met before.

He’s a different man now, but he’s still as drop-dead handsome as I remember. He still makes my knees weak. And there’s one other thing that hasn’t changed:

He’s still hung up on his ex.

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