Eight Lives (Match Made In Hell #1) by Autumn Breeze (ePUB)


Eight Lives (Match Made In Hell #1) by Autumn Breeze (ePUB)
Two Hearts. One Curse. Zero Time.

A century ago, a spiteful witch cursed Edmund.
Ever since then, he has lived as an immortal house cat—short one life.
Anselm is a mildly depressed vampire with a soft spot for the feline he calls friend.
They live together as equals, companions for eternity—or so they hope.
But their lives take a dark turn when the witch who cursed Edmund long ago dies.
And suddenly, he is human again.

In a race against time’s cruel hand, Anselm and Edmund must make a decision.
Do they find a dark witch and reenact the curse that plagued Edmund so they can be together for an eternity? Or . . . does Edmund give up forever as a cat to be with Anselm for now as a man?

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