My Dutch Billionaire (Complete Trilogy) by Marian Tee (ePUB)


My Dutch Billionaire (Complete Trilogy) by Marian Tee (ePUB)
Dear Serenity,

Yes, you have indeed been evaluated and screened for next summer’s internship program. No, I did not have to resort to pulling strings for your application.
Yes, I believe you are being unnecessarily anxious about this. May I remind you that I am the CEO of the company you wish to work for as well as being one of its major stockholders, and as such, my command is absolute?
Please call me as soon as you receive this message.


Dutch billionaire Willem de Konigh was a lot of things to Serenity.
He was her best friend, her most trusted mentor, and her only love.
He taught her everything she knew, showed her how to fly even without wings, and gave meaning back to her life.
Willem was everything to Serenity, but it was not the same for him – and it could never be because he belonged to her sister.

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