Dustan -Caveman Instinct –Gypsy Curse Book 5 by Hazel Gower (ePUB)


Dustan -Caveman Instinct --Gypsy Curse Book 5 by Hazel Gower (ePUB)
I’m a Silverman, who’s family centuries ago was gifted by gypsies to know who our soulmate is – I knew it was only a matter of time before I found my soulmate. I f*cked up. I met my one true love and called her names a woman should never hear. I hurt her. The second time I met her wasn’t any better and the third time I made promises I never really intended to keep. Awaking from a coma to the angelic splendor that is Cassandra Towensted changes everything. I have to start from scratch. I don’t know what happened before or after the accident, but I know that I’ve done something to hurt my woman. I need to recover, but all I want is to make Cassandra happy.
My nerdy teenage life was boring before my best friend Jade dated a Silverman. The family crashed into our lives and boring was something I never experienced again. I was happy to be the third wheel, and as I watched others find their mates my expectations for a Silverman of my own rose.
when I first met Dustan, he didn’t act like any Silverman I knew. I was hurt that even after claiming I was his soulmate, he could be so self-centered and selfish. Tragedy brings about a second chance with Dustan becoming a changed man.

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