Dragon’s Secret (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss Book 14) by Miranda Martin (ePUB)


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This isn’t how I saw my life going. It’s not what was supposed to happen and damn it, I want to live my dreams!

As if.

Every day it becomes clearer that I’m going to be the Mary Poppins of Tajss. I do love helping with all my friends’ half-Zmaj, half-human babies but it also fuels the empty ache of wanting one of my own to hold and raise.

None of the human men that survived hold my interest and there aren’t any of the Adonis-like, seven foot winged and scaled alien dragons unspoken for, leaving me destined for a life without that heart-stopping, throat-clenching, breath-taking love that I desire.

Then he shows up. Strange, mysterious, and so damn big and sexy. An unknown Zmaj.

The golden-eyed dragon warrior is not welcomed with open arms but my heart knows what it wants and he’s it. Now I have to figure out how to make it work without losing all my friends along the way.

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