Double Trouble: Two Werewolves for Brian by D.J. Heart (ePUB)


Double Trouble: Two Werewolves for Brian by D.J. Heart (ePUB)
Can one human handle two alpha werewolves? Brian Holt is about to find out…

Brian never fantasized about being claimed by a werewolf. The appeal is obvious—werewolves tend toward unfairly attractive in that whole ruggedly handsome and muscle-bound way—but being chosen is the kind of thing that only happens to people on the news. It’s like winning the lottery or falling into a sinkhole. It’s not something that would realistically happen to him.

Except it did, and then the werewolf changed his mind.

Three years after being told that choosing him was a mistake, Brian is trying to get on with his life when news spreads that there’s a werewolf on campus. Hiding away in his apartment, the very last thing Brian expects is for the stud to come knocking on his door…

(This 100k romance novel features two scorching hot alpha werewolves with a kink-list three pages long, a confused young man, and more secrets than you can shake a stick at. It has a HEA.)

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