Don’t Follow Me (Diamond In The Rough #4) by Rebel Hart (ePUB)


Don't Follow Me (Diamond In The Rough #4) by Rebel Hart (ePUB)
The last book in the #1 bestselling series Diamond In The Rough.

College waits for no one, and the pressure is on. The more Rae begins to think about her future, the tenser she becomes. Things with her mother are spiraling. Her emotions are getting stuffed down in favor of enjoying the summer. And as Clint steps full-force into manhood after graduation, kinks in their plans begin to arise. Sending Rae on a downward spiral that makes Clint feel helpless.

Can he help her? Can Rae figure out what she really wants? Or will the distance and the anger she feels deep inside be their undoing after all that has happened?

If you loved Rae and Clinton’s love story, don’t miss this new book about their summer before college. Find out what the future has in store for them…

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