Doctor Daddy by Nicole Casey (ePUB)


Doctor Daddy by Nicole Casey (ePUB)
The arrival of a new nurse in my clinic isn’t normally something that interests me too much. 

But Janie is different.

She’s sweet, young and full of life.
Her new nurse’s uniform fits her a little too perfectly that I can’t take my eyes off her hips and perfect breasts.

Just when things are starting to get on the right track, a terrible twist takes her away from me.

I miss her terribly.
I want to make it right.

If the Devil turned up that rainy night and offered to strike a deal with me, then I would willingly sign away my soul in return for a second chance with Janie.

Surely this is the moment to say “I love you” for the first time in my life.
Yet, something is holding me back. 

The words just can’t reach my lips.

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