DIRTY COP by Brady Fox (ePUB)


DIRTY COP by Brady Fox
But I didn’t have to worry about love, my heart was nonexistent, and the only head I used was attached to the lower part of my body…” -Striker

I’d always ruled the men in my sheets the same way I ruled the men in my club… with strict discipline and no emotion. No spending the night, no hooking up with me more than one time, and absolutely no falling in love. Which had never been a problem, since my heart had turned to ashes a long time ago.

But when Jaxon Cash showed up out of nowhere, he threw my entire routine out of whack, threatening the foundation I had so carefully built for myself. One taste of Jaxon’s body and I couldn’t get enough. Suddenly, I’m breaking my own rules, letting him sneak into my sheets over and over again…

And maybe a little bit into my heart, too.

But it could never work, any good in me disappeared a long time ago. I was too damaged for any man to really love, wasn’t I? Jaxon didn’t think so and the more he gave the more I wanted to take until there was no turning back.

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