Diary of a Wolf: A Gay Shifter Romance by Troy Hunter, Noah Harris (ePUB)


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If one has to get their heart broken, I highly recommend it be just before inheriting some far-off property from an unknown relative.

It’s convenient for putting distance between oneself and all that unpleasantness.

I hardly knew what to expect from the sprawling Yorkshire estate I suddenly found myself in possession of. All I know is the magic of the place soothed all my troubles. I was instantly enchanted.

Among everything competing for my attention nothing captivated me more than a simple journal I found. It chronicled the days of a man named Eustace, a kindred spirit in whose lonely words I found companionship. His secret yearnings and desires a mirror to my own.

But when I connected the journal to the mysterious black wolf that shared my estate, perhaps I should have let caution take precedence over curiosity.

Instead, I committed myself to unraveling this mystery.

But the same love that could free him from his terrible curse could also forever doom me to my own…

I thought I’d long ago resigned myself to my fate.

That was before Kenneth.

For the first time in decades, I find myself longing to unburden myself to another human soul, rather than just empty pages. Looking forward to that rare night I walk on two legs, rather than raging at it for being a cruel taunt.

Until I’m reminded that longing for more is what led to this cursed existence in the first place.

It’s too late for me, but I can still save Kenneth. If I can only find the words to make him forget about me and be gone from this terrible place forever.

If for once, I can rise above my own selfish desires and swallow the words I long to say. Speak only the ones he needs to hear.

To do so might crush the last of my spirit. Extinguish the last fitful embers of a hope I’d only just rekindled.

But for him, I’ll do what I have to. Whatever it takes.

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