Out (DC Pride #2) by Tatum West (ePUB)


Out (DC Pride #2) by Tatum West (ePUB)
I have the hottest new roommate—but he’s totally not my type.

Vince is a single dad, a starving artist, a pansexual hippie, and a total comic book nerd. And I’m very, very straight. I’m a business mogul, a jock, an old-money Southern boy who’s supposed to marry well.

I haven’t been dreaming about his lithe, freckled body, his crooked smile, or his… other manly assets. I have a girlfriend, so Vince’s deliberate touches and longing looks have zero effect on me. And that kiss—it was just one kiss. It didn’t mean anything.

Gerard Bates is a gay disaster waiting to happen. He’s a field full of red flags. And he’s been in love with his best friend, Will, since forever.

I can’t go there. I’m a new dad, and Bates is just letting us stay in his basement until I can find somewhere better. I don’t even know what I’m doing as a parent yet—I don’t have time for a brokenhearted closet case.

But when I taste him for the first time, I know I’m addicted. Whatever the cost, however crazy my life gets, I’m going after Bates.

This is a terrible idea. But I’ve never let that stop me before.

Out is the second novel in the DC Pride series. It features a new couple and can be read as a standalone. There is plenty of angst, a bit of lovely fluff, nudist neighbors, sassy cousins, family drama, apologies and new beginnings, and one very cute baby.

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