Darkblood Academy: Book Four: Prophecies by G K DeRosa (ePUB)


Darkblood Academy: Book Four: Prophecies by G K DeRosa (ePUB)
There are three things I’ve learned in my time at Darkblood-I mean Darkhen Academy:

Always make sure a demon is dead before walking away from the body.
All magic comes with a price.
Nothing stays buried for long-not secrets, not feelings and definitely not dark lords.
Just when I thought my struggles with Luxora were finally over, the dark lord decides to rise from the ashes. Guess who she’s got her sights set on? Yup, me.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Coven Council has discovered my little warlock secret. And they’re pissed. With enemies coming at me from all sides, how am I supposed to concentrate on schoolwork?

Not to mention my love life. I thought last year was tough, but now with Ryder back I’m torn between my old love and a new possibility.

But none of that matters if Luxora has her way and swoops me down to the darkest depths of the Underworld.

So what is a poor, human-warlock, half-blood supposed to do?

Kick some butt. That’s what.

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