Dark Ever After: Ever After EMP Series, Book One by M Merin (ePUB)


Dark Ever After: Ever After EMP Series, Book One by M Merin (ePUB)
In 1859, the world got its first taste of being in the direct path of a solar storm, affecting worldwide communications.

Today, we got our second taste.

Shelby Hughes’ day is off to a rough start and it doesn’t seem like it will improve anytime soon. Sitting at work, in a nearly dark cube and hearing the panicked voices of her co-workers, Shelby wants to bang her head on her desk – her father has finally been proven right. Grabbing the go-bag from the bottom drawer of her file cabinet, she crosses to the windows, looking out across Seattle’s 5th Avenue. With the city at a standstill, she takes a moment to make a quick list:

Find a bike.
Find her son.
Get on the road.
Prepare to eat crow when she gets to her father’s house.
And pray like hell that her daughter makes it there.

In a world without electricity, Shelby is determined to do what she’s always done – make the best life for her children, no matter what stands in her way.

This is book 1 of 3 books, so there is no epilogue as the story will conclude in the 3rd installment. 18+ for some steamy scenes.

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