Home Romance Darian (Omega Tributes #1) by Nina Markov (ePUB)

Darian (Omega Tributes #1) by Nina Markov (ePUB)


Darian (Omega Tributes #1) by Nina Markov (ePUB)
Taken from his home in the middle of the night and thrown into a cell, Darian D’Arq couldn’t have had a worst fate. Three warriors from the Alpha Tyron planet have decided he is the Omega they want, and he already knows no one will come to his rescue. Saying “no” to the barbarians who’ve been protecting the solar system for so long would be madness.

He’s trapped, cold, and now they want to train him and discipline him. They want to break him first, and then claim him. When his heat rears its lusty head sooner than expected, will Darian be able to resist the temptation of giving in to the three hot Alphas who now own him?

Darian is the first book in the Omega Tributes series. What you should expect: standalone, no cliffhangers, happy ending, too much steam for the faint of heart. Recommended only for readers 18+.

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