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Courage of Us by Brooke May (ePUB)


Courage of Us by Brooke May (ePUB)
Courage; a strong word Patience LaClare thought she lost the meaning to.
Lost, the word she has come to know. She lost her way in a loveless marriage and stuck in a never-ending cycle of life which lacks any form of joy.
That is all about to end, she is taking Courage back and finding who she truly is meant to be. With none of her friends close to help her, Patience finds her own way to bring her life back to something she can be proud of.
Everything is about to change.
Broken; is who Marine Duke Michaels is now. Medically discharged from the Marines, he is heading home where to Centennial, Montana and the first piece of his life fell apart.
Not just a word of one’s state of being but the girl he left. She was everything to him and he let her move on with someone else. He lives with many regrets, but none are as powerful as not fighting for Patience. But things aren’t what he thought they would be once he came home.
He discovers the shell of a girl he loved and sees she is now struggling to gain Courage once more. Duke isn’t about to let her slip through his fingers for a second time.
This time, he has his own Courage to go after what he wants.

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