Clear as Glass by Lynn Kellan (ePUB)


Clear as Glass by Lynn Kellan (ePUB)
Four weeks to fix a broken business. Two people who don’t belong in the same house. One sizzling attraction they shouldn’t explore.

The last thing Mitchell Blake needs is another hot-shot consultant to “save” his glassblowing factory, but this one is different. She is hiding something. If he can unearth her secret, he might have good reason to fire her. There’s just one problem. His business partner, the one who keeps hiring these consultants, is his father. Good old Dad forgot to get a hotel room for this consultant, so guess what? She has to stay in Mitch’s extra bedroom. No problem. Living with this woman will give him the chance to figure out why she took a consulting job that nobody else wanted.

Before Jaye Davis joins her family’s software business, she takes one last consulting job in a remote town in northern Pennsylvania. It’s the perfect place to hide from the future she doesn’t want and the past she can’t escape. At Blake Glassware, no one knows about her ultra-rich father or cheating ex-boyfriend. She needs a little time to be by herself, but she’ll get precious little of that if she has to live with a brawny glassblower who doesn’t want her around. They have little in common. She wants to build an online store for his business. He believes e-commerce will destroy Blake Glassware. Every time they fight at the factory, they have to return home to the same house. Together.

She’s diamonds and high heels. He’s denim and work boots. When they discover that Blake Glassware is in dire trouble, they need each other more than ever.

Sometimes, trouble makes everything as clear as glass.

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